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40th Birthday Party

I have just spent the most wonderful weekend at Hampsley Hollow, celebrating my 40th birthday with all my friends and family. The campsite is set in the most idyllic Wiltshire countryside, totally secluded and surrounded by rolling hills. There are three cosy and comfortable bell tents, all beautifully decorated, and there is plenty of extra space for friends and family to pitch their own tents. Krystal and her family have paid so much attention to detail, you will want for nothing. There is an elegantly rustic band stand where we set up a PA system for dj's to play, a kitchen shelter fully stocked for more than 20 people that also has a fridge and a kettle! They have marquees at the ready just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse (luck for us it didn't!) The shower and toilet facilities are very clean and spacious, and the site is dotted with a stunning range of plants and trees, all glowing with solar lights in the evening. We held a large medieval banquet as the main event on the Saturday, everyone in fancy dress with food, drink and music flowing, and it was the perfect setting for such an event! I couldn't be happier! If you are planning a large party of any kind I can't recommend Hampsley Hollow highly enough! You will have your own peace of paradise for a weekend of uninterrupted celebrations!

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